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Zeltiq Coolsculpting technology safely delivers precisely controlled cooling to gently and effectively target the fat cells underneath the skin while leaving the skin unaffected. The treated fat cells are crystallized (frozen) and then they die. Over time, your body naturally processes the fat and eliminates these dead cells, leaving a more sculpted body. It has proven results and eliminates stubborn fat without surgery or invasive procedures. NO SURGERY , NO ANEATHESIA, NO DOWNTIME


What is CoolSculpting?

How does CoolSculpting work?

The science behind CoolSculpting


The Science behind Coolsculpting

The science behind Coolsculpting is cryolipolysis. The skin is exposed to a set of temperature of 2-4o C that it causes cell death of subcutaneous fat tissue without apparent damage to the overlying skin. Exposure to cooling causes fat cells apoptosis i.e a natural controlled cell death, which leads to the release of cytokines and other inflammatory cells gradually digest the affected fat cells in the months following the procedure, reducing the thickness of the fat layer. Lipids from the fat cells are slowly released and transported by the lymphatic system to be processed and eliminated from the body.

What happens during the CoolSculpting® procedure?

During the CoolSculpting® procedure, a non-invasive applicator delivers precisely controlled cooling to the treatment area leaving surface skin tissue unaffected. The device draws the fat bulge up between two cooling panels. The sensation is a firm tug and pull.

What do CoolSculpting® by ZELTIQ® treatments feel like?

As the cooling begins during the first few minutes, you will feel pressure and intense cold. This soon dissipates and you can rest comfortably while the device works. Many people read, watch videos, and work on their laptop, or even take a nap during treatment. As a result of the cooling, you may feel some numbness during treatment, and the treatment area may be red afterward, but this usually fades within a few hours.

What kind of results can I expect from CoolSculpting® by ZELTIQ®?

On average, each CoolSculpting® procedure results in a 20%-30% reduction of fat in the treated areas.

Patients can start to see results as soon as 3 weeks following treatment, with the most dramatic results occurring over a period of 2 to 4 months in most patients. If the patient‘s treatment plan calls for a second procedure, an additional 20% reduction can be experienced. Most patients benefit from multiple treatment sessions to get the maximum amount of fat reduction, and most attractive body contour.

Our friendly CoolSculpting team will discuss with you the right number of treatments to meet your goal.

CoolSculpting® by ZELTIQ® is not intended as a weight loss program for overweight individuals. The best candidates for the CoolSculpting® procedure are people near their ideal body weight who eat well and exercise regularly, with fat bulges that have not responded to a healthy lifestyle. They are seeking spot reduction for specific areas of fat without surgery.

Ideal Candidate

BMI should be less than 30 and it should be on a consistent lifestyle regiment exercise).Doctor will assess you and tell you are an ideal candidate or not.

Which areas can I do?

You can do on your Inner arms, Inner thighs, Outer thighs, Abdomen (Lower and Upper), Double Chin, Flanks and Back fat.

Do I have to be cautious about anything before and after the treatment?

There is no such thing in the treatment as we are initiating a natural process

You can continue your exercise post treatment and daily activities.

How long will the treatment process take?

One applicator take one hour . So, the timings depend upon your areas of interest.

Is there any downtime in this treatment?

There is no downtime in this treatment as the treatment is non-invasive and without anesthesia. You can resume your daily activities right after the treatment.

Why Coolsculpting is different from other Fat Reduction Treatments

The Coolsculpting procedure is fundamentally different from other fat reduction techniques. .

Coolsculpting apoptosis only in fat cells to gently and gradually reduce the fat layer in a natural manner preserving all other tissue.

How do I Know if I need Coolsculpting?

If you Pinch the skin in the area you are interested in treating and are able to raise 1 to 2 inches of excess skin (fat), then you will benefit from Coolsculpting. Coolsculpting is Designed to remove isolated pockets of fat that persist, even with diet and excerise.

The Coolsculpting treatment works best for people whose BMI is normal, or less than 25. We recommend at least two treatments per area for best results. If your BMI is between 25 and 30, we suggest 2 to 3 treatments. We don’t recommend Coolsculpting for persons whose BMI is greater than 30 because there will be too much fat in the target area to notice a difference after treatments.

The procedure will not reduce your weight or treat obesity.

Who should not go for cool sculpting ?

People who have a disease that is made worse by cold or have hernias in the area to be treated should not have Coolsculpting.

People with a large amount of fat in the target area will not notice an improvement after treatment.

How does Coolsculpting work?

The First step is to wet the skin with a moist pad. Then the applicator is placed in contact with the skin. When the suction is turned on you will feel intense momentary pressure as the skin and fat area drawn into the applicator for freezing.When the skin is released you will feel slight discomfort for 2 to 5 minutes until the freezing takes effect and numbs the skin.

Which are the areas treated with Coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting technology is used to sculp the upper and lower abdomen, love handles, inner and outer thighs fat and arms.

What benefits can I expect?

Most patients begin to notice an improvement in 8 to 16 weeks .

This is because the treatment only freezes the fat; it does not remove it .It takes time for the body to reabsorb the treated fat. A Single Treatment reduces the fat in the target area by about 20%.

What are the risk and side effects?

You may fill discomfort in the treated area and your skin may itch or be senstive to touch for 1 or 2 weeks or longer (rare).

Bruising or discoloration may occur. Very rarely and inflammatory nodule may develop which eventually resolves in months.

Prior to treatment all potential risk and side effects will be discussed with you by your medical provider and cosmetic coordinator.

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